8 Evel Knievel Quotes to Help You Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Evel Knievel landed (and missed) some of the biggest motorcycle jumps in history, becoming become one of the greatest American Icons of the 1970's. From the famous Grand Canyon jump he never attempted, to the televisedCaesar's Palace crash of 1967, he will always be remembered as fearless.

Born To Ride

Some people were just born to ride a motorcycle. The open road, the wind on your back, and the feeling that only comes from your favorite bike.

Your insurance company loves you too, especially when you wear your helmet. Let your insurance company know that you use a DOT approved helmet and you may qualify for discounts or bonus coverage.

You both have bikes? Do you only take them out on the weekends? That's great! When your bike is not used as your daily commuter, you save. And when you bundle multiple policies together - like one for your spouse, you'll have even greater discounts.

Playing Favorites

Having the right bike for the style of riding you do most is important. Why pay extra to insure a 2,000cc sportbike when you're more of a weekend cruiser? It's not like you're jumping the Grand Canyon, right?

You have your favorite bike - and your favorite brand. Brand does matter. Before you buy, research the bike you're looking at. Is it popular with thieves? Is it reliable? Having a great bike from a great brand not only makes you happy, it'll make your insurance carrier happy too - especially if they don't have to pay any claims.

Safety First

Gladiators who want to win get training. Why? They don't want to make careless mistakes that could cost them everything.

Take a certified motorcycle training course and you too can come out a winner too. You'll learn good riding habits that will help keep you safe, and you can earn insurance discounts! (Tip - don't tell your insurance company you're a gladiator.)

Here's another safety and saving tip: get rid of that jolt by adding anti-lock brakes to your bike. These and other additional safety features can improve the value of your bike while qualifying you for more insurance premium discounts.

A Word of Caution

Oh boy. No drinking and riding. Period. You can save thousands of dollars by NOT getting into an accident or getting a DUI. Escape, get home safely, THEN you can crack a cold one.

You're no Evel Knievel. He is theworld record holder for the number of bones broken, with 433 fractured bones! By staying safe and avoiding risks (like jumping over stuff), you can keep your bones in one piece and build a good driving record. And guess what? That driving record will help yousave on your insurance too!