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You could save an average of $573.43 per year* on Auto Insurance.

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* Savings based on a September 2014 survey sent to 224,813 insurance shopping consumers that returned 154 respondents. Your actual savings may vary.

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What people are saying about the top 5 auto insurance companies
I have had Progressive for 8 years now and can not say enough good things about them! They are affordable, fast at processing read more claims, and have great customer service! I highly recommend them if your looking for car insurance. @Progressive
I loved getting my quote from Progressive, their commercials really do pull you in. I got the best deal I could afford on a budget!
Just added my rental home to the insurance I already had @Progressive. It was so fast and easy to get a quote and purchase everything!
@Progressive is awesome. I've used them since 1998, and their vehicle response was awesome. Friends and family agree!
Looking for insurance quotes for my new car. So far, @Progressive has given me the best rate quote. I am 99.99% sure I am choosing them.
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I love @Geico because their rates are always low. They have the best customer service and the read more pig in their ad is so adorable! They ROCK!
I can't say for sure how much Geico can save me on car insurance but I can tell you that nobody else read more can save me on car insurance compared to @Geico.
No one can ever give us a better quote on car insurance than @GEICO; and every other company I've read more talked to admits it's unbeatable.
Shoutout to @GEICO for saving me over $600 a year on car insurance after switching from my prior insurer! My read more agent was wonderful as well :)
I'm so happy with Geico Insurance! Geico has customer friendly apps, online website pages & phone read more services for their policyholders.
Never realized how bad I was being ripped off on insurance until I got a quote from @GEICO. Consider me a loyal customer =]
@GEICO Called 'em up a few days ago to compare insurance rates. I found that I applied for a lot read more of discounts that gave me the best rate!
@GEICO is the best car insurance that I have ever used. Someone sideswiped my car and didn't even bother read more to leave a note! Geico helped.
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I love StateFarm insurace and have been with them for 15 years. They care of all my needs quickly when I was read more involved in a car accident 9 years ago.@StateFarm
@StateFarm is always there when I have question or concern about my policy. They make me feel like read more more than just another customer.
@StateFarm I just want to say how amazing your service is and how much I appreciate all the discounts and read more help you provide me. You Rock!!!!!
My quote from State farm was easy to do online. I didn't go with them because they were higher than read more my current insurance policy
StateFarm has always been my go-to for car insurance. I've moved a lot but they always have the best rates and read more customer service! @StateFarmScore!
Love our @StateFarm agent! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Plus we get a great rate. Can't get better than that!
If you want a reliable auto insurance company I would definitely go w/@StateFarm. They read more have always been reliable & sent us things on time!
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Loved my direct quote from @Allstate. These guys back up what they say in the commercials. Definitely going to read more give them a try. #goodservice
@Allstate Just had a great conversation with my agent, Dave Wagner, had a quick question about my policy read more and he was great! Snaps for Dave!
Went to All State today in Cerritos and I am so looking forward to my 45% safe driver and 20% good student read more discount from @allstate
@Allstate is a fantastic company! They are always attentive to my concerns, and provide excellent read more customer service when submitting claims.
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We have used Farmer's in the past and find it to be an awesome company. Quick to help and quick to file read more our claims.Great comp.
Just recently had to go through recovery from a car accident. @WeAreFarmers gave me peace of mind while I recovered.
@WeAreFarmers Thanks for the wonderful service! I always know you'll be there when I need you with great people! You rock!
The @WeAreFarmers rep was very friendly with me today. Very happy with his quote and thinking about read more switching over. Time to save some $$$!
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