360 Quote is now Quote.com.

Since 2007, we’ve been believers in the power of comparison quotes to help make better decisions. Consumers shopping for insurance. Companies looking for customers. The more data, and the more options to compare, the better the match.

Founded in 1993, Quote.com was one of the first financial portals. Today, we are a digital media performance marketing company, with the Quote.com proprietary technology platform powering dozens of our own high-performing consumer-centric brands, and hundreds more via partnerships and integrations.


We own and operate a portfolio of highly-trafficked consumer brands in the insurance, finance, and legal categories. We are a digital media publisher at scale—over 1 million words per month! Our team of licensed insurance agents, financial advisors, attorneys, and other credentialed experts make sure that you always have the information you need to compare all your options and make informed financial decisions.

Some of our brands include:






& many more!


We work with large Fortune 100 insurance carriers, regional agencies, and through our partner network, individual agents. We work with law firms, marketing companies, wholesalers, and other technology companies to connect consumers shopping online with the right partner at the moment of highest expressed interest. We are a portfolio company of Osceola Capital and have had great partnerships along our high-growth journey with the teams at both Osceola Capital and Plexus Capital.


We’ve developed a proprietary insurtech “Q-Score” algorithm for identifying, scoring, and routing online insurance shoppers in real-time to the best predicted match.

Our “Plum Score” algorithm is our organic traffic “secret sauce” that enables us to produce targeted content from our network of experts and deliver it up at just the right time to help online shoppers save money on their insurance.

Across the portfolio, our “Phoenix” framework creates highly performant web experiences, and our programmatic data-generated content engine, “Kraken,” melds man with machine to produce data-rich, timely content.


Joel Ohman, CEO

Brandon Halprin, CFO

Matt Rihtar, CMO

Chris Michelson, CRO

John Gadbois, CTO

Nicholas Icenroad, VP of Engineering

Lauren Greenwald, VP of Strategy & Analytics

Joseph Ariaz, VP of Product

David Hallstrom, Director of SEO


Ben Moe, Osceola Capital

Brad Pence, Plexus Capital

Lou Geremia

Joel Ohman, CEO

Jason Owen (Board Advisor)


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